ALZRC - Devil 480 FAST SDC/DFC Super Combo - Bright silver - 2014

No. : 14H48DFSCA2
Date : 2013/11/24
Status : In production
Focus : 6309



Product design features:
● The new design of 480 models, with the main blades 325-360MM length  , and 6S power, is lengthened on the main blades , Tail Torque Tube Unit ,and  Main Rotor Holder of the original 450 type. The use of 360MM main rotor can enhance the wind resistance of the original 450 models and the overall stability also is more easier to handle flight. 
● With SDC / DFC flybarless main rotor head group, low center of gravity design, can effectively reduce flight drag, giving a more direct and precise flight response and faster flight speed.
● With Pros and cons linkage rod with  four corners ,it is more easier to adjust the CCPM level. 
● New improved design of the fuselage group specially set gyroscope fixed position, can be placed inside the fuselage or swashplate guide plate, so that the helicopter wiring structured, more simple and beautiful appearance.
● New improved low center of gravity lengthen battery mount ,  to adjust the position of the center of gravity to achieve the best state of the helicopter.
● The new lightweight integrated main shaft bearing block adding thrust bearing in the original basis, make the bearing more durable, and more conducive to violence flight.  
● New improved 121T New Slant Thread Main Drive Gear, new Autorotation tail drive gear with bearings, tight fit gear mounts, let tail drive gear to achieve the best level of state.
● New Metal  metal Anti-rotation Bracket, faster installation / removal rotor head assembly.
● The new SDC / DFC low center of gravity Landing Skid Sets.
● The new Carbon Tail control Rod Assembly,  further enhances the locking and control of the rudder.
● New 450 Dual Push Tail Rotor Control Set , let rudder performance more delicate, precise control feel.
● The design of high performance  Torque Tube, greatly reducing the power loss of the drive belt.
● The unique extended type centrifugal force balance cone design of the Main Rotor Holder  let the locked rudder and operation effect more solid and more accurate. 
● The new shape and  flow line style painting fugelage canopy.
● Length:670mm 
● Heigh:200mm
● Main Blade Length:360mm
● Main Rotor Diameter:780mm 
● Tail Rotor Diameter:165mm 
● Tail Rotor Diameter:12T 
● Main Drive Gear:121T 
● Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:106T 
● Tail Drive Gear:25T 
● Drive Gear Ratio:1:10.08:4.24 
● Weight:535g
Equipment required:
●Lipo battery / 6S1P 22.2v 1200-1500mah
●ESC / Up to 40A ,support 6S 22.2v  
●BLS Motor / Support 6S 22.2v 1600 to 1800KV
Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
1.Transmitter(6-channel or more,helicopter system) 
2.Receiver(6-channel or more) 
3.Pitch gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge 
4.22.2V 6S Li-Po 1600-1800mAh battery
●480 FAST Kit x 1
●480B 6S Brushlless Motor - 2819-1700KV x 1
●2-6S 50A High Performance Brushless ESC x 1
●ESC Program Card x 1 
●DS45MG 450 CCPM  Micro Digital Metal x 3
●DS50MG 500 CCPM Digital Metal Servo x 1
●3GY V2.0 - Three-Axis Gyro Set x 1
●Plug Set x 1


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