No. : 15HD465RK
Date : 2014/7/23
Status : Stop production
Focus : 8208



Devil 465 RIGID reverses the common impression people have on Devil 450/480, with material integration technology utilized on side frame design, and has features previously found only on larger models, such as battery mounting rails, top mounted motor, integrated servo mounts, forming striking resemblances to larger contest grade models. The newly added frame reinforcement plates not only improves helicopter’s overall rigidity and anti-torsion characteristics, the beautiful red anodizing also creates highly pleasing aesthetics, further exhibits the Devil 465 RIGID attractiveness and exclusiveness. In addition, the Devil 465 RIGID cleverly expands on the core concepts of Devil 450 Pro designs, to carry on the heritage of its mature design of excellence.

Equipped with the DFC/SDC flybarless head assembly, paired with newly designed 3D specific 360C main rotor blades that are both stable and agile, improving anti-torsion characteristics and power output during flight, resulting in even better flight stability. Based on 6s voltage, the 480X 6S - 1850KV motor is tailor made for the Devil 465 RIGID to provide with excellent high efficiency, high power, high torque with low current and temperature.

With cutting edge design concepts and top grade electronics, Devil 465 RIGID surpasses traditional flight performances with higher stability, extreme power, superior control feel, yet maintains the convenience of smaller size. The Devil 465 RIGID is a model not to be missed!


Length: 730mm
Height: 205mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 804mm
Main Blade Length: 360mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 171mm
Motor Pinion Gear: 11T
Main Drive Gear: 121T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
Tail Drive Gear: 25T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11:4.24
Weight(without electrical device): 535g


Devil 465 RIGID Basic Kit x 1 set

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:

1. 6S Brushless Motor(1700~1850KV) X 1

2. Flybarless Gyro System x 1

3. 45A Brushless ESC x 1

4. DS45MG Digital Servo x 3

5. DS50MG Digital Servo x 1

6. Transmitter (6-channel or more, helicopter system)

7. Receiver (6-channel or more)

8. Pitch gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge

9. 6S Li-Po 1100~1400mAh battery x 1


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