ALZRC - DS522MG 500 CCPM Medium-sized Digital Metal Servo

No. : RCS-DS522MG
Date : 2015/3/11
Status : In production
Focus : 2830



●Compatible 450-500 Class Helicopter.
●Using 1718-type 5-pole coreless motor, 1718 large motors 'speed is quicker,steering torque is greater,and using life is longer than 1715 small motors.
●Japan Noble 180 °potentiometer,high accuracy,consistency,and one million times the high life potentiometer. 
●High resolution digital chip,stable performance,strong anti-interference ability,fast reaction speed,high precision,more delicate and smooth operation control.
●Aluminum alloy shell, processed by high precision CNC, better protection of the actuator product precision and cooling performance.
●Taiwan imported all metal gears, input and main gear wheel made of high strength material and hard iron manufacturing, reinforcing the strength and durability of gears, a higher degree of smoothness, even smaller gear virtual spaces.
●Double bearing design,imported precision miniature bearing, a greater degree of protection gear concentricity and smoothness.
●Operating Voltage:DC6.0V-8.4V
●Working frequency:1520us/333Hz
●Speed and torque:
●Dimensions:35.9mm x 15mm x 31.9mm
●Wire Length:220mm
●Plug:FUT;JR Propo
●DS522MG 500 CCPM Medium-sized Digital Metal Servo x 1
●Hexagon Servo Arm x 1
●Disc Servo Arm x 1
●A Servo Arm x 1
●Cross Servo Arm x 1
●Damping Ring x 4
●Damping Ring Copper Nuts x 4
●Phillips Self-tapping Screws(T2x12mm) x 4
●Phillips Screws(M3x6mm) x 1


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