ALZRC - D1102 450 CCPM Micro Digital Metal Servo - Black

No. : RCS-D1102-B
Date : 2016/1/26 19:45:31
Status : In production
Focus : 3014



●Compatible with 380 class, 450 class, 480 class Helicopter.
●Using imported Taiwan 1013 type 5 grade hollow cup motor.  With fast response,little energy loss and high efficiency.
●Using imported Japanese NOBLE potentiometer, high precision,good consistency. 
●High resoulution digital chip,stable performance,srong anti-interference ability,fast reaction speed,high precision,more delicate and smooth operation control.
●Using 6061T aluminum alloy casting, with precision CNC machining,protect the servo's precision and heat dispersion.
●Using imported metal gear, output-gear using unique processing technology,strengthened in gear and better wear-resisting performance,high precision ensure the smooth of gear,and also the small clearace.
●Double Bearing Design,using imported precise micro bearing,a greater degree of protection gear concentricity and smoothness.
Technical Parameters:
●Operating Voltage: DC4.8V-7.4V
●Speed And Torque:
●Dimensions: 28(H) x 12(W) x 23(L)mm
●Weight: 18g
●Motor: Coreless
●Gear: Full Metal
●Dead Band Wigth: 0.8us
●Working Frequency: 1520us / 333Hz
●Case: All CNC Aluminum
●Bearing: 2BB
●Overload Protection: Yes
●Resolution: 4096
●Spilne: 25T
●Connector Wire: 28AWG
●Connector Wire Length: 230mm
●Plug: FUT;JR Propo
●Micro Servo x 1
●Straight Servo Horn-A x 1
●Straight Servo Horn-B x 1
●Cross Servo Horn x 1
●Philip's Head Screw(M2.5x4mm) x 1
●Socket Button Head Screw(M2.5x4) x 1
●Decals x 2


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