ALZRC - Devil 550 New Carry Bag - Black

No. : HOT2550A
Date : 2011/8/5 15:40:36
Status : In production
Focus : 3749




●Compatible for the Devil 550! 
●Carry bag designed specifically for Devil 550, utilizing superior grade water resistant canvas. External lining contains anti-vibration and impact resistant protection foams, with extra thick padded base, providing excellent protection for helicopter.
●Remote control pouch, in line with various types of remote control use, intimate devil stick design can be fixed on the carrying bag.
●Battery pouch can simultaneously carry multiple packs, with hook/loop (Velcro) to prevent movement within the bag.
●Tool pouch allows storage and organization of multiple flying accessories and tools.

Usage Instructions:

●Collapse the main blades and fix them to the tailboom using blade holder.
●For helicopters with flybar, loosen the flybar retaining setscrews, and slide the flybar rearwards. Slightly tighten the setscrews and let the flybar rest on top of the main blades.
●First position the head of helicopter into the carrying bag and adjust to proper position, then position the transmitter and battery pouch inside the bag. Finally load the tool pouch into the bag and zip up the zipper.

Product Specification:

●Size:116cm x 25.5cm x 36cm


●To ensure safety during transport, please make sure helicopter and radio is turned off before storing in bag.


●550 New Carry Bag x 1


●Remote Controller Bag(23cm x 10cm x 31cm)  x 1
●Battery Pouch(27cm x 6cm x 21cm) x 1
●Tools Pouch(22cm x 6cm x10cm) x 1


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