ALZRC - 450 AS350 Scale Fuselage - C

No. : LC4503C
Date : 2011/8/16 22:56:04
Status : In production
Focus : 3907




●Compatible T-REX 450.
●Screwless-fixture quick released cabin design. Easier for battery disassembly and inspections.
●Metal Landing Skid.


●Body length:710mm
●Body width:140mm
●Body high:160mm


●AS350 conopy x 1
●AS350 fuselage x 1
●AS350 Airplane window Shield x 1
●Nacelle plastic film A x 1
●Nacelle plastic film B x 1
●Vertical stabilizer x 1
●Tapping screw(M1.5x3) x 3
●Horizontal stabilizer x 2
●Skid Pipe A x 2
●Skid Pipe B x 2
●Skid Pipe Stopper x 4
●Skid Pipe connector x 4
●Wood shims for frame fixed x 18
●Washer(2x3x0.5mm) x 12
●Nut(M2) x 8
●Screw(M2x3) x 3
●Screw(M2x10) x 2
●Screw(M2x16) x 4
●Screw(M2x24) x 4
●Tapping screw(M2x3) x 7
●Tapping screw(M2x14) x 4


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