ALZRC - Mg900 450 CCPM Micro Simulation Metal Servo

No. : RCS-MG90A
Date : 2011/12/30 18:04:33
Status : Stop production
Focus : 3694




●Powerful and precise servo suitable for T-Rex 250/450 CCPM cyclic use.
●All-metal gear can withstand accidental impact loaded , greatly enhance the vitality of the steering gear.  
●Using the same high quality level servo motor as FUTABA products, the test proved that product's life is much higher than ordinary analog steering servo. Japanese raw material production casing, durable, heat-stable temperature can reach 120 degrees.
●Can provid 2.3 kg.Cm high output torque for 450-level electric helicopter and fixed wing aircraft for swashplate servo torque requirements on higher level.


●Operating Voltage :4.5-6.0v
●Size: 23 x 12.1 x 28.8mm
●Orque: @6.0v @4.8v
●Speed​​: 0.10sec/60°@6.0v  0.11sec/60°@4.8v
●Weight: 14.7grams


●Servo x 1
●Servo arm x 4
●servo arm fixed screw x 1


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