ALZRC - Servo Tester

No. : RCS-A001
Date : 2012/1/5
Status : Stop production
Focus : 3418




●Be able to easily detect and configure the server's virtual position, jitter, and the median.
●To connect two servos or ESC; MCU control, good stability and high accuracy. Rotate the knob, steering gear can be detected.
●If the connection of electronic governor (brush or brushless can be), you can get rid of remote control devices for manual speed control, speed control, or for testing motor performance is very useful, no longer cumbersome to connect remote and the receiver of the .


●Output: ≤ 15mA (5.0)
●Input: DC 4.5-6.0v
●Output signal: 1.5ms ± 0.5ms
●Dimensions: 42.5 x 24.0 x 23.5mm
●Weight: 8g
●Adjustment: manual, automatic, with a median.


●Servo Tester x 1


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